Another building element that we produce within our services is a durable and unique roofing sheet. We offer these products in two types:

Durable and unique steel roof tiles are another element manufactured by our company. They are produced in two types:
Its design refers to roman tiles. Highest quality of production, sturdiness of the construction and a traditional look of the rippled, convex surface are its main features.
Subtle, narrow domes make the whole structure look aesthetically and resembles traditional ceramic tiles. It combines stability and resistance to atmospheric factors.
Both types are produced professionally in 20 colors from organic coated sheets. We offer these building materials in different lengths of modules and sheets, sheet thicknesses and effective or total widths. Combining traditional design with modern styling allows you to create elegant coverage of steep roofs in both single and multi-family homes.
Modular steel roof tile Polonia
It’s unique features allow it to be layered from either left or right side. It owes its stiffness to its rare features. It can be produced as single or multiple modules.