Metal window sills

Metal window sills are a specialty of our company. We offer window sill with the length of 6 m, a wide choice of over 30 colors, the implementation of urgent orders from our stock, professional service . The data necessary for the order is shown in the following figure.
The assembly
When installing window sills, please refer to the characteristics card of the adhesive used on the facade and the sealant used to seal connections to walls, windows, etc. which will be located under the window sill.
“The product is alkaline and react with the acids, ammonium salts, and base metals such: aluminum, zinc, copper when wet. It produces hydrogen in reaction with base metals”
,, PH Value at 20 degrees Celsius – 11,5-13 mixed with water and / very strong alkali. ”
,, Wet product is corrosive to metals. ”
The record shows that metal window sills cannot be installed using the wet adhesive. Roofing sealants should only be used if the manufacturer allows them to be used with metal.