Metal Processing
Various machines that we use allow us to manufacture distinct parts out of sheet metal. Our production possibilities allow us to process and produce elements in up to 6 mb in length and 3 mm in thickness. Highest quality of production and professional advice are our main goals in picking the right products for our clients.

Effective sealing, aesthetic finish of a surface, practical security are just some of the features that the elements we present serve. We offer solutions that are tailored to your needs. Many satisfied customers have already joined the group of our satisfied partners! The elements we manufacture also provide adequate water drainage in buildings and complement the roofing.

Our products are made of high quality materials, so they are resistant to both mechanical damage and weather conditions such as rain, wind, snow or even hail. We offer sheet metal elements in different variants, varying in thickness, or length of sheet metal.
We offer various types of flashings, including:
Over-gutter and under-gutter straps,
Roof baskets
and other.
We tailor our offer to the needs of each business partner. Professionalism in operation, precision in the manufacture of components and commitment are the main features of our enterprise.
Warehouse bumpers
Other sheet metal processing